Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Featured Buyer: April Meeker

April lives in Carlsbad and describes herself as "addicted to shopping on Etsy", especially for the little one that her and her husband are adopting from China. She is also a mother, wife, sister, silversmith, runner, boxer and chocolate junky.
April says there new little one will be surrounded with unique things that she has bought on Etsy.
One of April's favorite shops is Bellaserababy. She says "I fell in love with all of her blankets, but decided on the zinnia blanket because I loved the bright colors. It was $28 dollars and came beautifully wrapped." I agree this blanket is gorgeous!

Another recent purchase is this-
As you can see this one is for herself and what a fabulous buy, so beautiful!
April describes Etsy as "Etsy is a little like a chest of treasures. You have to spend some time sorting through all the items to find the things that really speak to you. I don't remember how I found Bellaserbaby's shop. I usually check the treasury everyday and I find some gems there. Also, just watching the newly listed items scroll across the screen can introduce you to new fun sellers."

April is also a fellow artisan and runs where she sells beautifully handcrafted jewelry. Here's a piece I love-

April says "As a seller, I try to acquire my own treasury every now the then. It gets your name out if only for a while. I tend to get more sells when I am consistent at listing new items.I really believe it is important not to let your shop get stagnant."

Awesome advice for all of us on Etsy. So stop by and check out her shop!

I want to say thanks to April for not only being a seller but for being a buyer and helping out the rest of the wonderful artist on Etsy!

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