Thursday, May 3, 2007

Featured Artist: Lorie Riley

This weeks refreshing artist is Lorie Riley of Bath by Riley

Lorie is a fellow artisan who describes herself as "I am a women, I've spend most of my professional career as a nail technician and esthetician. 17 years in the beauty business. I am a wife, my husband is in the navy and of course My most beautiful creation, my daughter. She is my inspiration and greatest critic."

Lorie creates Homemade bath treats- Bath Fizzies, Scrubs and other bath and body treats! When asked what inspires her "Great scent combinations, How it makes my skin feel.. and I love to make the packages pretty. " Lorie's training comes from working as a nail technician and always searching for great products to use for doing manis and pedis. She says "I started buying books, reading online articles and talking with other bath product makers and soon I started to tweak and perfect my formulas. A few years ago I opened a Bath and Body Boutique in Florida and now I have this awesome line Bath by Riley.. All handmade and all natural." Some of Lorie's favorite materials to use are Sea Salt (she loves sea salt) and Oils- all kinds from almond oil to olive oil to sunflower oil.

Lorie says when not doing her craft "First, I am a mom.. need I say more. but I do love to go to the spa.. (facials, manis, pedis, massage) and I love to do paper crafts. "

When asked what makes her shop unique she said "All of my products are handmade in small batches so you know they are fresh... I really take a lot of time to think about the color, smell and packaging of my products. And because everyone should take a small bit of time out for themselves everyday..why not make it a bath!" she also added this comment "I love what I do.. I am always excited about creating a new fragrance or product. I have so much passion for the beauty industry and I am always the first one to try my products. If I wouldn't use it then I won't sell it.. I test my products daily in what I call "bathtub research" lol:)"

As you can see Lorie's products are truly refreshing, unique and are the BOMB!

If you would like to contact Lorie about her fabulous products you can reach her at


urban bloom said...

those look like bath perfection and i love the packaging!

ashly said...

i love the products they are fabulous! my favorite is the salt scrub it leaves your skin feeling refreshed,soft, and smelling great!

Belle said...

Yummy! I want to eat them! lol

Sharleen said...

I have to say she makes a wonderful product! Love the fizz!

Elizabeth said...

Her bombs are just delightful!