Saturday, April 28, 2007

Featured Buyer: Jessica

Jessica is our first featured buyer! She lives in Omaha, Nebraska and Loves shopping on Etsy. This is the recent purchase Jessica made-
When asked if this was a planned buy or if she was just browsing she said "It was planned, I really wanted to make some earrings. The last time I bought earring wires from a craft store, they were soooo flimsy and expensive. I'm getting a much better deal buying on Etsy; plus Etsy has a better selection than my local craft store." She also added " I did shop around on Etsy. I wanted a kind that would not hurt my sensitive ears, and were a good thickness. Also (very important) a reasonable price with reasonable shipping." We asked Jessica how she found the item, she said "I did a search in the supplies section."
Jessica is also a fellow Etsy seller at This is what she had to say about her own shop "My shop is mostly made up of Altered Formica Tags. These are little one-of-a-kind collages with witty and sometimes dark sentiments. And Magnets. Oh the magnets! Made from bottle caps and plastic animals and whatever else I can get my hands on!" These are just a couple of pics from her shop:

I want to thank Jessica for being a buyer and seller on Etsy. Her shop is unique! check it out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First Featured Artist: Trevor Luckman

This weeks fabulous eye for talent is Trevor Luckman of
Trevor Luckman Photography - Images of Oregon

Trevor is a fellow artisan and describes himself as "a 24 year old Southern Oregon Photographer. I grew up and still live in Grants Pass, Oregon. I attended Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon where I received my Bachelor of Arts in History. I will be starting a Master's program in Education this summer. Hopefully in about a year and a half I will have my first teaching job as a history teacher in a high school! When I'm not on Etsy or doing photography I enjoy spending time with my family and girlfriend."

Trevor creates beautiful images of Oregon in various sizes. When asked what inspires him, he said "Being surrounded by nature, and trying to capture it as best I can." I think he truly has captured nature in all it's beauty. Trevor says he is self taught with the help of his friend Nikon with Sigma lenses. He favorite lens is the Sigma 105mm Macro.

When asked what else he likes to spend his time doing he said "Movies, history, writing, friends, girlfriend and family."
When asked why people should visit his shop Trevor says "I believe I can offer images that nobody has seen before" and I agree! Trevor has some amazing shots and closeups.
He has beautiful prints for every budget running from $2.00 to $95.00. Trevor is also more than happy to sign them for you and date when they were taken.
The following picture is one of my personal favorites as I love funky trees!

If you would like to contact Trevor you can email him at or

Trevor we look forward to seeing more of Oregon!

Monday, April 23, 2007

My very first post!!!

Hi! This is my very first post! I have never blogged before so was a little apprehensive to start but now that I am up and running it seems like it will be fun.

I started this blog to show appreciation for my fellow Etsy sellers and buyers. My goal is to feature a new seller each week and an outstanding buyer. As for the sellers it will be a surprise! I will be picking various sellers from those who post in the forums to those who get a treasury to those who have a showcase spot to those that I feel need a little advertising of there shop. As for buyers, I will contact random buyers to find out why they bought what they bought. Was it the price? The picture? The color? The size? The shape? Was it that it matches there personality? We are curious about what buyers are looking for on Etsy and what makes the final sale.

A little about me. I'm a mom and wife with a few kids and cats. I have been designing jewelry for a while now. It started way back in high school when I took a jewelry and metal smithing class. I had a great teacher and he inspired me to want to do more and always pushed for me to do more. Any ways because of him I have come to love to make things and I love to see others work. I find there is a lot of variety and talent out there. Well I am off to find my first seller to highlight!