Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First Featured Artist: Trevor Luckman

This weeks fabulous eye for talent is Trevor Luckman of
Trevor Luckman Photography - Images of Oregon

Trevor is a fellow artisan and describes himself as "a 24 year old Southern Oregon Photographer. I grew up and still live in Grants Pass, Oregon. I attended Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon where I received my Bachelor of Arts in History. I will be starting a Master's program in Education this summer. Hopefully in about a year and a half I will have my first teaching job as a history teacher in a high school! When I'm not on Etsy or doing photography I enjoy spending time with my family and girlfriend."

Trevor creates beautiful images of Oregon in various sizes. When asked what inspires him, he said "Being surrounded by nature, and trying to capture it as best I can." I think he truly has captured nature in all it's beauty. Trevor says he is self taught with the help of his friend Nikon with Sigma lenses. He favorite lens is the Sigma 105mm Macro.

When asked what else he likes to spend his time doing he said "Movies, history, writing, friends, girlfriend and family."
When asked why people should visit his shop Trevor says "I believe I can offer images that nobody has seen before" and I agree! Trevor has some amazing shots and closeups.
He has beautiful prints for every budget running from $2.00 to $95.00. Trevor is also more than happy to sign them for you and date when they were taken.
The following picture is one of my personal favorites as I love funky trees!

If you would like to contact Trevor you can email him at or

Trevor we look forward to seeing more of Oregon!

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Wonderful Pictures!