Saturday, April 28, 2007

Featured Buyer: Jessica

Jessica is our first featured buyer! She lives in Omaha, Nebraska and Loves shopping on Etsy. This is the recent purchase Jessica made-
When asked if this was a planned buy or if she was just browsing she said "It was planned, I really wanted to make some earrings. The last time I bought earring wires from a craft store, they were soooo flimsy and expensive. I'm getting a much better deal buying on Etsy; plus Etsy has a better selection than my local craft store." She also added " I did shop around on Etsy. I wanted a kind that would not hurt my sensitive ears, and were a good thickness. Also (very important) a reasonable price with reasonable shipping." We asked Jessica how she found the item, she said "I did a search in the supplies section."
Jessica is also a fellow Etsy seller at This is what she had to say about her own shop "My shop is mostly made up of Altered Formica Tags. These are little one-of-a-kind collages with witty and sometimes dark sentiments. And Magnets. Oh the magnets! Made from bottle caps and plastic animals and whatever else I can get my hands on!" These are just a couple of pics from her shop:

I want to thank Jessica for being a buyer and seller on Etsy. Her shop is unique! check it out!

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