Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sewing Tutorials!

Well for all of you who sew out there this is a post for you. Like many of you I love tutorials! I like to see what others create. So along those lines I decided I would create a post linking to all of the great tutorials I have found. This will help me too not to forget where I found things when I want to find them again either. This will be an ongoing post that will be labeled under my tutorial section to the right. If anyone knows of a great tutorial, please leave a link in the comments so I can add it to the list. I will take ones for more then just sewing too! We love tutorials for kids crafts too, maybe that should be a seperate post. Hmm, ya I will post a seperate one for that later. You may notice that alot of my post are for girls, well I make mostly girl stuff until now, now there is a nephew to create for, so I welcome boy tutorials too. Here we go-

Gotcha Bib by JoAnn
Cloth Baby Shoes
Over the Head Baby Bib
Tie Baby Big
Diaper Clutch

Twirly T Shirt Dress  One of my favorites
 "In the Garden" Shirred Twirly Dress
Knot Dress
Twirly Skirt
Men's Dress Shirt Dress
Men's Dress Shirt Dress 2
Child's Sleeveless
Wrap Skirt
Patchwork Circle Skirt
Tiered Skirt
Tiered Skirt 2
20 Minute Skirt
Ruffled Skirt
Ruffled Skirt 2
Lazy Days Skirt
Ruffle Sleeve Top
Ruffly Patchwork Dress
Sundress w/Shirred Back
Shirred Sunny Day Dress
Zest Dress by JoAnn
Kid's Poncho by JoAnn
A Line Skirt

Boy's Tie from a Man's Tie

Sweater Mittens
Kids Lounge pants from T-Shirt


Cricket said...

Here are three I just found that I love!

Here's my pinterest, too. I have a tutorial board. Sewing and other stuff, too.

Laura said...

love this tutorial for making bibs out of your tshirts. a really cute idea.