Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Recent Purchases on Etsy!

A newbie to Etsy but such a cute shop, you won't leave it without being hungry, LOL.


I have to say I absolutely love Gabriele's cards! I have purchased so many I can't even count them anymore, lol. You must check out her site. The prices are very reasonable and so is her shipping and hey they are BEAUTIFUL! She also does a wonderful work with a charity.


Even though I make my own jewelry I like to support others in their hard work and hey we don't all make the same stuff, that is what is great about these next pieces!




These were just so cute! I'm going to be sprucing up a T-shirt and pants outfit with them!


I love these prints and the way she did the contrasting colors! She does custom work to the size you need for you little one too!


I love this shop! She does such beautiful work and is the only shop on Etsy like this that I have found, you have to check out her mats and cards! Amazing Baby cards, I'm going to get more. She does custom work too!


I have some big plans for this bunch of lace!


Can't wait to get these. Love the little maiden!

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Looking Glass Jewels said...

Ooooo! What awesome finds! Etsy is soooo addicting, but I always find the most amazing things there! :)

Thank you for sharing your purchases with us!